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Little Hippo Pattern by Cotton Ginnys | Little Turtle Cottage

Little Hippo Pattern by Cotton Ginnys

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Cotton Ginnys 14" tall "Little Hippo" with big padded bow is soft & cuddly when made up in Minkee™ fabrics--but you could choose from lots of different fabrics that would work great also.

Little Hippo will make a darling addition to any stuffed animal collection.

Uses:  If using all in 1 fabric for Hippo - 1/2 yd. of 56"/60" fabric or 5/8 yd. of 45" fabric, 1/8 yd. for foot pads & inside ears, 1/8 yd. for padded bow & tie, 3/8" buttons for eyes, Embroidery Floss for mouth, Quality stuffing.

Optional: scrap felt for nostrils, Poly-Pellets® for weight. Embroider of felt can be used for eyes for a small child.

Polyester Fiberfill (Add to order)