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Daydreamer by Tula Pink 5" Square Charm Pack - Little Turtle Cottage

Daydreamer by Tula Pink 5" Square Charm Pack

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Day-dreamer is an escape to a surreal place of make believe and wonder. Everything here is light and happy.

Imagine a flock of vividly colored Macaws in all of their vibrant plumage soaring overhead through an ombre colored sunset, a pair of striped legged Flamingos nibbling on the very shrimp that give them their radiant pink color, or an array of omniscient butterflies fluttering their soft wings.

Envision a family of rainbow Jaguars In the tall grass with a panorama of tiny rainbows in the sky, and the sweet nectar of tropical fruits blooming all around filling the air with fresh sugary delight.

Day-dreamer is like a soft warm blanket to wrap your mind in when it’s cold and rainy outside. Maybe you are a daydreamer too!

42 pieces, some fabrics are duplicated

Content: 100% cotton